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Whole30 Round 2

It’s been over a year since we have done a Whole30. Today marks day 7 of my solo Whole30 and it’s going great! I did decline a dinner date with hubby and opted for lobsters on the porch (just as good as a dinner date) because I am not familiar with the restaurants in the area where our summer house is yet and don’t want to get stuck out on a date with a garden salad and a piece of grilled chicken! I will need to do my research for next weekend when we are down to see if I can find any paleo friendly places to eat! We are headed home in a bit but had a great lunch! Roasted turkey rollups with some great local bacon, mustard, and peppers and a side of leftover roasted local beets that we bought at a farm stand just down the road!

Want to learn more about committing to a Whole30? Check out the Whole30 website so much helpful information to jump start you into the world of healthy eating! www.whole30.com Can you do it?😉


Garlicky Red Pepper Calamari, Shrimp, and Spinach over “Spaghetti”

Of course we all know typical pasta is not paleo but I have been craving seafood fra diavolo badly! My local grocery store had wild caught squid the other day so I scooped up all of it to create something spicy enough to fill the need for a spicy seafood dish but also quick and healthy. Last weekend was also the start of the winter farmers market here in town so I had two great Spaghetti Squash to use as my “pasta”! This recipe fed 4 plus 2 left over servings for hubby and I to take for lunch tomorrow!


Garlicky Red Pepper Seafood
1lb uncooked wild caught squid (tubes and tentacles but use which ever you prefer)
1lb cooked shrimp (de-tailed I hate pulling tails off while your eating!)
4 heaping cups of spinach (this will cook down so feel free to add more if you like)
1 large garlic clove minced
1/4 large sweet onion finely chopping
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dried basil
4 tbsp olive oil
Red Pepper Flakes

Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”
2 medium cut in half and deseeded

Directions for Squash
1. Preheat oven 425
2. Season flesh side of squash with salt and pepper
3. Place flesh side down on thin layer of water on baking sheet
4. Bake 40 minutes
5. Using fork gently scrape flesh into bowl

If you are good at managing your time you can start prepping your seafood while squash bakes or just keep it in the microwave on warm until you need it.

Directions for Seafood

1. In mixing bowl place squid season with salt, pepper, 1/2 tsp cayenne, 1/2 tsp garlic powder mix well
2. Warm 2 tbsp olive oil
3. Once warm add garlic and onion (they should sizzle a little when they hit the pan thats when it is warm enough but be careful not to over cook your garlic) the onion and garlic are done when they become fragrant
4. Add seasoned squid and sauté 1 minute (this cooks quick and you don’t want it to be rubbery and over cooked)
5. Add shrimp to squid sauté 1 minute (shrimp in my recipe were precooked so I just needed to warm them but if you use raw throw them right in with squid initially)
6. Add spinach, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp garlic powder and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, 1/2 tsp dried basil and sauté and continuously stir till spinach is wilted approx. 3-4 minutes
7. Serve over your spaghetti squash



Breakfast Cupcakes

We recently started a weight loss competition and one of the ladies in our group posted a super fun breakfast idea that I just had to try. Breakfast Cupcakes are a good way to get your protien, veggies, and dairy (for those of you who do dairy) in the morning. They can be made ahead and just pop in the microwave for a quick and easy meal. There are so many options for what you can put in these too! Check out what I added to ours! Continue reading

The End of the Season…but We Have Kale!

We don’t frequent our garden like we used to. Our veggies are getting fewer and further between picking. I can feel fall and winter coming. I picked the last zucchini and cucumbers yesterday. Our tomatoes have all since died out. We still have some green peppers and Hubbard squash that will be picked this week.

The one thing that keeps growing is our Kale! We have an abundance of kale all of a sudden and I’m at a loss as what to do with it. We love Kale chips but one can only make and store so many batches of kale chips. Smoothies are always a good use but I’m not sure where else to go with it…must find Kale recipes stay tuned!

A Not So Paleo Salad…Grilled Watermelon, Basil, and Corn Salad

So while we try to eat Paleo as much as possible our main goal is to eat as much healthy unprocessed food as possible. Sometimes we do break away from the Paleo mold by eating “nonpaleo” food.

Tonight we incorporated corn into dinner. I know corn is a big no no for some but I consider it part of our occasional 10%. The only corn we will buy is local organic non-gmo corn. We are very lucky to have many farms in the area that have been harvesting crop year after year from seeds that their grandparents grandparents grandparents handed down to them! Non-gmo corn at it’s finest! Now let me tell you the stuff you buy in the store looks nothing like our corn. Our corn is about the size off you Palm and the kernels are far from those straight perfect rows you typically see. One might even call them ugly! While it’s not pretty to look at it tastes amazing! So it’s perfect cut off the cob and added into my Grilled Watermelon, Basil, and Corn Salad.

Continue reading

An Easy Alternative to Chips Paleo Style! Spicy Garlic Kale Chips

Our garden is spilling over with an amazing bounty right now. I’ve been anxiously waiting for our kale to be ready to harvest so we can make one of our favorites Kale Chips!

20140704-200427-72267388.jpg Continue reading

Paleo Crab Chowder…YUM

One of the fun things about Paleo is experimenting! Taking food you love to eat and changing out ingredients to make it Paleo friendly. Working on recipes to make them taste just as good as the original version can take some time but is so worth it!

One of my all time favorite items is chowder. I love creamy, thick, and savory chowders! While working the other day I overheard the server at the restaurant in our building say the special was Corn and Crab Chowder. This got me thinking how could I change up one of my favorites that is filled with non-Paleo things such as potato, heavy cream, and corn and make it Paleo friendly. What I ended up with is just as rich and flavorful as the typical version! Continue reading