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Can’t wait to try it! 

Primal Pit Paste is offering FREE samples right now! Can’t wait to try this out! Heard lots of good things about it we will see!


Whole30 Round 2

It’s been over a year since we have done a Whole30. Today marks day 7 of my solo Whole30 and it’s going great! I did decline a dinner date with hubby and opted for lobsters on the porch (just as good as a dinner date) because I am not familiar with the restaurants in the area where our summer house is yet and don’t want to get stuck out on a date with a garden salad and a piece of grilled chicken! I will need to do my research for next weekend when we are down to see if I can find any paleo friendly places to eat! We are headed home in a bit but had a great lunch! Roasted turkey rollups with some great local bacon, mustard, and peppers and a side of leftover roasted local beets that we bought at a farm stand just down the road!

Want to learn more about committing to a Whole30? Check out the Whole30 website so much helpful information to jump start you into the world of healthy eating! Can you do it?😉

Peas for days!

One of my all time favorite treats are frozen peas! But there is nothing better then eating peas straight from the garden! Today we picked and shucked a ton of fresh pea pods!!! Our garden peas are sweet with just the right amount of crunch! It is so much fun to take our son out to our garden and pick fresh vegetables together! It makes eating veggies fun when you have grown and picked them youself! Can’t wait to freeze some and have them for a quick snack in the future!


The Garden is Bursting with Goodness

I can’t get over the huge amount of Kale, Lettuce,  Pruprle Basil, and Spinach we are harvesting! I had to share lettuce with a neighbor today we have so much! Love summer! So thankful for the ability to produce our own food!  So many great recipes to make this summer! 


The End of the Season…but We Have Kale!

We don’t frequent our garden like we used to. Our veggies are getting fewer and further between picking. I can feel fall and winter coming. I picked the last zucchini and cucumbers yesterday. Our tomatoes have all since died out. We still have some green peppers and Hubbard squash that will be picked this week.

The one thing that keeps growing is our Kale! We have an abundance of kale all of a sudden and I’m at a loss as what to do with it. We love Kale chips but one can only make and store so many batches of kale chips. Smoothies are always a good use but I’m not sure where else to go with it…must find Kale recipes stay tuned!