Monthly Archives: March 2015

Better Late Than Never!

We started the seeds! Turned sowing our seeds into not only a Science lesson but also a English and Math lesson! 

So many great veggies to come!  We ended up starting 4 boxes of seeds! Still need to pick out some melon and squash to start!

Paleo Baby enjoyed being Momma’s helper adding in the soil discs, watering, and counting seeds for each hole!  As well as sounding out letters in our veggies for the markers!

 Can’t believe I got these seedling starter boxes end of last season for only $.99!!! Such a great deal and we can just reuse them like we did with last years boxes! Always good to check end of season sales for things that you can store for the next growing season! Even some of our seeds are heirloom and we’ve been harvesting each year, drying, then planting the next year or just storing left over seeds in a cool place and taking out for spring! 

Have you started your garden yet?