Paleo Chicken Nuggets for Paleo Baby

My kid loves chicken nuggets but have you looked at the ingredients of even the “healthy” chicken nuggets lately? Why does there need to be sugar or soy in chicken nuggets??? It is amazing how many additives there are in foods that should only have a few ingredients in them. We are lucky Paleo Baby eats anything and everything including some of my crazy recipes! We want him to feel like he gets to eat things his peers eat too. We don’t deny him the chance to try treats or the option to try something we might not consider “healthy” but we do try to give him better alternatives to choose from that are more nutritious and just as delicious!

There are tons of Paleo nugget recipes out there but I wanted something simple and quick so I came up with my version of Paleo chicken nuggets. They were Paleo Baby and Husband approved and easy to make with ingredients I had in the cupboard. They also looked very much like any other chicken nugget you may see!

1 boneless Chicken breast
1/8 cup almond meal
1/16 cup coconut flour
1 tsp salt
3 tsp pepper
3 tsp dried basil*
1 tsp dried thyme*
1 egg
Olive oil

(*You could substitute basil and thyme for Italian seasoning)


1. Pre-heat oven 400 degrees
2. Lightly grease baking sheet with olive oil
3. Cut chicken into nugget size pieces and season with salt
4. Wisk egg in small bowl place to side
5. Mix almond meal, coconut flour, pepper, thyme, and basil in bowl
6. Coat one piece of chicken at a time in egg and then dredge in flour/spice mixture making sure to coat the outside evenly and on all sides
7. Continue till all pieces are coated
8. Bake on baking sheet 15 minutes
9. Allow to cool for a few minutes so they are cool enough for little hands to handle




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