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Spicy Ginger Ahi Tuna

I’ve been craving Ahi Tuna Steak lately. I love Ahi. When cooked right it just melts in your mouth. Fresh Ahi just needs a little seasoning and a sear and its done. A super quick and healthy meal. But I’ve spiced up my Ahi with a chili ginger marinade!

I have a few fishy rules I try to follow…

1: Always ask how fresh your fish is (make friends with the person behind the counter and find out what day they get their fresh fish shipment, where it came from, and try to buy the same day it comes in)
2: I prefer Wild Caught when available (there are mixed reviews about whether wild caught is the best so do some research about the type of fish you are buying and whether wild caught vs farm raised is better)
3: Fish should not STINK like fish (yes it will have a smell but it should not be overly fishy it should smell like the ocean)
4: If your not going to eat your fresh fish same day or the next freeze it don’t let it sit in the fridge too long. I prefer to freeze my own fresh fish rather then buying frozen as I can never be 100% sure of how it was packaged and how long it took to get packaged.

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Double Thick Breakfast Frappe

We just started a weight loss competition with friends. Both my husband and I have joined and are super competitive and could stand to lose some of those extra pounds we’ve gained over the years! The plan is a Whole Thirty for the first month. The competition goes till December so getting our bodies cleansed the first month with really help!

When we started Paleo eating it wasn’t for weight loss although both of us did lose some weight. We did it more for the health benefits. When eating right my husband is able to come off his cholesterol meds and for me it helps with an old sports injury which flares up. It’s amazing how putting the right nutrients into your body can make such a big difference! When eating strictly Paleo we have more energy, sleep better, and just overall feel better!

Today is day one! The first week is always the hardest especially since I head away on a business trip out to Boston tonight! Harder to make good decisions when you eat out for most meals. Luckily I stay at one hotel when I’m there and know what’s on the menu for dinner and know I can grab some fresh fruit cups in the AM at the coffee shop. So starting today off right is important. For me when I go strict Paleo I honastly feel horrible because my body craves those things that we consider our “10% ” which in a normal persons diet wouldn’t be considered “bad” but eliminating them is when your realize your body is truly addicted to those “bad” things. Mine is sugar. I’m not a white sugar fan but I do like my raw honey and pure maple syrup in my coffee in the AM. But there will be no coffee and no additional sweeteners so for me coming up with things to offset my sugars is often hard in the beginning . I end up with a headache and feeling fatigued but it passes quickly. One thing this time around is try to wean slowly off sugar so my breakfast is a little sweetener then normal to help get me through the initial sugar cravings.
So for day ones breakfast I came up with my Double Thick Breakfast Frappe. It’s naturally sweet with no added sugar and is thick like a milkshake you could even have this for dessert !

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