Breakfast Cupcakes

We recently started a weight loss competition and one of the ladies in our group posted a super fun breakfast idea that I just had to try. Breakfast Cupcakes are a good way to get your protien, veggies, and dairy (for those of you who do dairy) in the morning. They can be made ahead and just pop in the microwave for a quick and easy meal. There are so many options for what you can put in these too! Check out what I added to ours!

Cupcake tin (my tin has 12 spots)
Mixing bowl
1/3 measuring cup
Frying pan
Small bowl to put left over bacon grease
Pre-heated oven to 375 degrees

12 freerange eggs
Bunch of asparagus spears
3 strips of bacon (nitrate free)
Handful of mushrooms (I had cremini on hand)
Block of Pecorino (raw milk if possible)
Coconut oil


1. Cook bacon till crispy, place to side to cool, reserve bacon fat in another bowl. Wiping frying pan clean so you can use to sauté veggies
2. Dice mushrooms and asparagus into bite size pieces
3. Add a little bacon fat to pan and warm
4. Once bacon greased is warmed add in mushroom and sauté for about 2 minutes then add in asparagus and sauté for an additional 8 minutes
5. Take off heat and put to the side
6. Crack eggs in large bowl and wisk till whites and yokes are combined (you can add in salt/pepper to taste if you would like I did not since the pecorino has a salty taste and felt it seasoned eggs enough)
7. Grease cupcake tin well with coconut oil
8. Add eggs to baking tin (I used the measuring cup to pour as it was easy to fill each cup equally) till each spot is 3/4 of the way filled
9. Crumble bacon and add equal amounts to each cup
10. Grate pecorino (I used approx 1/4 cup) and place equal amounts in each cup just a sprinkle is enough
11. Add mushroom and asparagus mixture equally to each cup this will help push the cheese down so it does not burn on top of each “cupcake”
12. Bake in oven 375 degrees for 15-17minutes until firm
13. Allow to cool a few minutes and then use spatula to go around edge of each “cupcake” to easily remove from tin

This idea is a great way to use up left overs from the night before. Any veggies or protein would work great! An easy recipe to experiment with and a fun way to get your kids to eat a quick and healthy breakfast!



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