Toddler Lunches…

My sister in law posted the other day about how hard it is to pack lunch for her daughter who just went into Pre-K. So I’ve been giving lunch ideas on my Instagram account! Check me out at DqHaltAtX

Check out Paleo Baby’s lunch for tomorrow in the picture below! Mostly Paleo/Primal with some added sugar
in the Siggis yogurt pop but so far the healthiest yogurt I’ve seen. One thing we strive for is that he eats what we eat but we don’t limit him to only Paleo foods. He is allowed to try different foods but is always encouraged to eat healthy and make healthy choices even at 2. At our house there are no special child meals made which I think has helped his openness to trying new things. He likes a lot of things the typical child won’t eat and is even willing to try some of his mommy’s crazy concoctions!

Lunch is paleo spicy honey pulled pork, garden fresh peppers and cucumbers, black olives, yogurt, and organic strawberries!



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