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20lbs of bacon heading my way soon straight from the farm in Pennsylvania!

That’s all I got tonight! Just lots of bacony excitement!


Toddler Lunches…

My sister in law posted the other day about how hard it is to pack lunch for her daughter who just went into Pre-K. So I’ve been giving lunch ideas on my Instagram account! Check me out at DqHaltAtX

Check out Paleo Baby’s lunch for tomorrow in the picture below! Mostly Paleo/Primal with some added sugar
in the Siggis yogurt pop but so far the healthiest yogurt I’ve seen. One thing we strive for is that he eats what we eat but we don’t limit him to only Paleo foods. He is allowed to try different foods but is always encouraged to eat healthy and make healthy choices even at 2. At our house there are no special child meals made which I think has helped his openness to trying new things. He likes a lot of things the typical child won’t eat and is even willing to try some of his mommy’s crazy concoctions!

Lunch is paleo spicy honey pulled pork, garden fresh peppers and cucumbers, black olives, yogurt, and organic strawberries!


The End of the Season…but We Have Kale!

We don’t frequent our garden like we used to. Our veggies are getting fewer and further between picking. I can feel fall and winter coming. I picked the last zucchini and cucumbers yesterday. Our tomatoes have all since died out. We still have some green peppers and Hubbard squash that will be picked this week.

The one thing that keeps growing is our Kale! We have an abundance of kale all of a sudden and I’m at a loss as what to do with it. We love Kale chips but one can only make and store so many batches of kale chips. Smoothies are always a good use but I’m not sure where else to go with it…must find Kale recipes stay tuned!

Spicy Maple Tuna Steaks with Wasabi Mayo

Lately I’ve been trying to eat as much fish possible because soon we won’t be able to get fresh wild caught as frequently. The tuna steaks at the local fish store have looked amazing lately! They are so fresh and delicate just a sprinkle of salt and pepper would be good but I wanted to spice them up! We also had a little bit of paleo mayo left over that I wanted to use before we had to toss it! My Spicy Maple Tuna steaks with wasabi mayo are tasty and filling!

2 6oz wild caught tuna steaks

Marinade Ingredients:

2 heaping table spoons Asian 5 Spice
2/3 cup coconut aminos
2 tbsp pure maple syrup

Wasabi Mayo Ingredients:

2 tbsp wasabi (make sure this is real wasabi, many commercial wasabi paste is actually imitation. Going to an Asian specialty store is your best bet.)
2 tbsp paleo mayo
Splash of coconut aminos

Marinade Directions:

1. Mix all ingredients together and allow to meld 5-10 minutes stirring occasionally before adding tuna
2. Add Tuna and marinate on each side 7 minutes (more isn’t necessarily better when marinating fish 7 minutes a side is just right)

Wasabi Mayo Directions:

While your tuna is marinating make up the mayo and pop in fridge till your ready to use.

1. Mix paleo mayo and coconut aminos so they are well mixed
2. Slowly add in wasabi to taste (I love wasabi and like my mayo spicy spicy but taste as you add so it is too your liking)
3. Place in refrigerator till ready to add to tuna

Cooking Directions:

Over high heat grill tuna 3 minutes each side this will give you a nice medium rare tuna steak. Cooked nicely on the outer most part of the steak and a nice warm pink center.

Plate tuna and add a little wasabi mayo on the side for dipping.

Super quick and easy dinner with great flavor and a real crowd pleaser!