Say What? Homemade Mayonnaise? It Can Be Done!

Making homemade mayonnaise used to be a huge ordeal. Frustration and anger often ensued in our kitchen while trying to make it. We would end up with a frothy semi congealed substance that never fully emulsified. We have officially stepped into the light at the end of the tunnel and produced Paleo mayo on multiple occasions and now I feel ready to share with you!

There are so many ingredient suggestions and techniques out there but this is what we found worked for us. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

For this recipe you need a partner! Many posts say you don’t need an extra set of hands and you can do it yourself but homemade Mayo can come with great failure so set yourself up for success by having a cooking buddy with you!


1. 1 room temperate egg yolk-it needs to not be cold-straight from the chicken is your best bet 🙂
2. 1/4 tsp Dijon mustard
3. 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinager (Braggs is what we use)
4. 1 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
5. 1 cup walnut oil
6. 1 dash of cayenne pepper (yes I actually have a measuring spoon labeled “a dash”) this is to add a little flavor it’s ok to leave it out if you don’t like cayenne
7. 1/4 tsp fine sea salt
8. Cracked pepper to taste


Small bowl (you want your ingredients to stay in one area making them easily mixed together)
Electric wisk (we went out and bought a Kitchenaide hand blender with wisk attachment very much worth the money!)


1. In your bowl add egg yolk, lemon juice, mustard, vinegar, salt, and cayenne.
2. Take fork and gently mix all ingredients together until well blended.
3. Begin mixing mixture with electric wisk.
4. SLOWLY add in oil-SLOW SLOW SLOW did I mention SLOW? Drop by drop is best to start. If you add slowly enough you’ll begin to see it emulsify. (This is where your cooking buddy is helpful one of you wisks and one of you does the oil.)
5. Once your ingredients emulsify you can add oil in a slow but steady stream till it’s all added.
6. Wisk for 15-20 seconds after all oil is added to make sure all ingredients are mixed well.
7. Add cracked pepper to taste.
8. Refrigerate in covered container what you are not going to use right away

*Your mayo can stay in fridge for as long as you would keep the eggs you used for the recipe. (Usually we keep ours for about a week)
*You can add in other spices at the end if you would like
*Use oil of your choosing the walnut has a mild taste and is not overwhelming and the cayenne helps to give it some flavor
*I have yet to be able to manually wisk ingredients into mayo it just doesn’t work an electric hand blender is worth every penny and saves you the frustration



**All opinions are my own. No compensation has been obtained for mentioning any products in this post.**


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