A Not So Paleo Salad…Grilled Watermelon, Basil, and Corn Salad

So while we try to eat Paleo as much as possible our main goal is to eat as much healthy unprocessed food as possible. Sometimes we do break away from the Paleo mold by eating “nonpaleo” food.

Tonight we incorporated corn into dinner. I know corn is a big no no for some but I consider it part of our occasional 10%. The only corn we will buy is local organic non-gmo corn. We are very lucky to have many farms in the area that have been harvesting crop year after year from seeds that their grandparents grandparents grandparents handed down to them! Non-gmo corn at it’s finest! Now let me tell you the stuff you buy in the store looks nothing like our corn. Our corn is about the size off you Palm and the kernels are far from those straight perfect rows you typically see. One might even call them ugly! While it’s not pretty to look at it tastes amazing! So it’s perfect cut off the cob and added into my Grilled Watermelon, Basil, and Corn Salad.

Ingredients (enough to feed four people)

1/2 a small watermelon cut into slices about 1″ think
1 cup fresh basil (cut off the spine) and chopped finely
4-5 ears of corn (less if your using big ears)
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp EVOO (separated into 1 tbsp to drizzle on salad and 2 tbsp to dress watermelon before grilling)


Corn Prep
1. Cook your corn how ever you like it (I steam mine for. 5-7 minutes)
2. Remove kernels from cob

Watermelon Prep
1. Pat watermelon dry. The drier you get it the better the char marks you will get on it (I’ve heard people say to allow to drain in colander for 30minutes and then pat dry but I didn’t have time to try this). We had grill marks but very little char
2. Brush watermelon with EVOO and salt and pepper both sides
3. Grill watermelon approximately 5 minutes on each side to warm through
4. Remove from grill and cut into bite size pieces

Mixing the Salad

While ingredients are still warm add watermelon, corn, basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil together. Mix gently with spoon evenly coating ingredients. Place in fridge until cool periodically mixing to help the salad cool evenly. Once cooled serve.

IMG_3181.JPGas m




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