Paleo Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast is hard in our house. The weekday mornings are often fast paced and food needs to be quick and easy. We do a lot of eggs (many ways) and bacon, yogurt, and Paleo oatmeal. However sometimes you just need something easy to make, fresh, and filling but not too heavy! This is where my strawberry, orange, and cucumber smoothie comes in!

While juicing is great I find people over do it. They don’t take into consideration all the additional sugars they are consuming by “juicing” with just fruit. When we juice we make sure 3/4 of our juice is made up of veggies. Many people find that juicing with chard, beets, carrots, or other veggies doesn’t give them that sweet juice taste they are used too when buying “juice” from the mainstream market. This is why I like adding in a small amount of homemade or all natural extract. Extracts help to cut bitter flavors or overly veggie flavors by adding in a subtle sweetness or tang depending on which extract you choose.

I personally prefer smoothies to juicing; they take me longer to consume and give me more options of what I can add in since I use the blender instead of the juicer. I also incorporate the entire fruit or veggie into the smoothly. There is no left over pulp to dispose of thus there is more nutrients in the smoothie.

This morning I made one of my favorites a Strawberry, Orange, and Cucumber smoothie. This smoothie is so refreshing but also filling and perfect for on the go moms (even my two year old loves it!). It sneaks in fresh veggies so it’s perfect for those non-veggie eaters in your family! And the best part is a good majority of the ingredients came directly from my garden!


1 cup frozen strawberries
1 small cucumber cut into slices
Dash all natural orange extract
1 heaping tablespoon of coconut cream
1 hand full of ice
2 cups of ice cold water

Add all ingredients to your chosen blender, blend till smooth, and serve. This makes a very large to go cup worth of smoothie. (We prefer our Vitamix Professional Series 750 as it gives you so many options for blending and has easy self clean! Honestly I was sold when I heard self clean for a busy mom this perfect!)

*All opinions in this blog are mine and have not been influence by outside party. No compensation was given for mentioning any items in this post.*


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