Going the Whole 30

Talking with my sister in law last night made me realize our family has never fully completed a whole 30. (Check out their website http://www.whole30.com for so much great info) My husband and I started it very early on in our lifestyle change and to be honest I don’t think we were ready to commit. We made it about two weeks before we gave in and chowed down on pizza one night. It’s HARD! It takes COMMITMENT. You have to GIVE YOUR WHOLE SELF and BELIEVE that YOU CAN DO IT! And I’m ready this time…

My conversation with my sister in law got me thinking that yes I am ready to commit and try this out again. Now just to work on getting the rest of the household on board and to keep temptations at a minimum! I’m lucky our son is young and impressionable. He eats what we eat and hasn’t been overly exposed to processed foods so he’s not going to be asking for things that are going to impede on my progress. My husband on the other hand (sorry love) who wants the periodic beer or pizza etc. It’s not every night but enough to do in my attempts to stick out the full 30 days.

My will power is what gets me all the time. I can be so good for weeks and then I just cave! I’ve decided to make sure I’m stocked up on things that are going to cut my cravings.

Having our garden that is just growing out of control with amazing veggies is going to help. I’m looking forward to making Kale chips in the next couple days (I plan to share the recipe on the blog) to help get through those salty chip cravings and fresh local strawberries in season to keep me from hunting done the infamous Oreos I crave!

But here’s to Day 1 of My Whole 30 being done and to 29 mores days that will help me for a life time!


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