Cheating…Paleo Style

I know the word “cheat” comes up often when someone finds out you eat Paleo. I often hear well don’t you cheat every so often? Or isn’t having (insert controversial Paleo food item rice, milk, peanuts etc., etc.) cheating? Don’t you eat 80/20?

The answer is yes we cheat. But when we cheat I’m amazed at what our “bad” decisions are because they normally aren’t terrible. When we do cheat our cheats are not as bad as they used to be…Last week my husband wanted to eat non-Paleo and what did we do we went out for Sushi! Our cheating was having the small amount of rice that it takes to coat our favorite rolls which consist of fresh raw seafood and vegetables. When I used to diet cheating to me would be eating a package of Oreos in one sitting. Cheating to me has taken on a different light. I question more what goes into my mouth and how it will effect me the next day. I can honestly say I hate the way my body aches when I cheat big time, eating processed foods, excess amount of gluten or dairy, and anything with soy in it.

Does it stop me all the time? The answer is no sometime you just need a damn Oreo. I don’t eat a whole bag anymore but I also know if I don’t give in periodically one day I’m going to eat the whole bag just because I want them that bad.

Everyday is a new adventure and a chance to learn. My eating is now something I do to survive. I don’t live to eat anymore. I do enjoy an occasional treat but learning to make healthier choices has been a huge help in changing my life and my husbands, helping us get healthier (even medically healthier), and in helping our child to learn to eat healthy (that is for another blog post in the future). I’m thankful we stumbled upon the Paleo lifestyle as it really has been an eye opener for me.


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