Paleo Crab Chowder…YUM

One of the fun things about Paleo is experimenting! Taking food you love to eat and changing out ingredients to make it Paleo friendly. Working on recipes to make them taste just as good as the original version can take some time but is so worth it!

One of my all time favorite items is chowder. I love creamy, thick, and savory chowders! While working the other day I overheard the server at the restaurant in our building say the special was Corn and Crab Chowder. This got me thinking how could I change up one of my favorites that is filled with non-Paleo things such as potato, heavy cream, and corn and make it Paleo friendly. What I ended up with is just as rich and flavorful as the typical version!


*See below for further information/suggestions

1lb fresh picked crab
2 cups carrots cut into good size pieces
1 1/2 cups celery hearts chopped fine*
1 shallot chopped fine (should be about approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup)
3/4 lb uncured ham**
1-2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 3/4 cups full fat coconut milk
3 cups homemade chicken stock (more if you want a thinner chowder)
Salt and Pepper to taste
EVOO enough to coat pan***


1. Warm oil in stock pot (hot enough that the oil sizzles when you place a few drops of water in it)
2. While oil heats Season crab meat with red pepper, salt, and pepper
3. Add ham to pot and brown stirring consistently
4. Add celery and shallot stirring until tender
5. Add carrot continuously stirring cook 2 1/2 minutes (they will cook further as soup simmers and you want them to replace the chunky potato from the typical soup so you don’t want them over cooked in the beginning)
6. Add just enough chicken stock to deglaze pan scrapping all brown bits from bottom of pan (enough liquid to cover bottom and bring to a quick boil)
7. Once pan is deglazed add the rest of chicken stock and coconut milk bring back to slow rolling boil
8. Once at slow boil add crab meat and reduce heat allowing soup to simmer stirring occasionally for 15-20 till crab is warmed through

*I prefer celery hearts (the center of the celery as I find that they have the most flavor)
**Our local farm store only had ham when I visited but I could see substituting uncured bacon. I would prepare it without oil in the pan and till it’s fully cooked through. Prior to adding veggies you may want to remove excess bacon fat
***Coconut oil can be substituted if you wish



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